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Kitten prices range between $1800-$2,500

Prices are set because of different variables, and if interested we are always available to chat about it. 

 We sometimes have older kittens that have not placed, typically no fault of their own,

or retired breeders that are priced lower.  It's never a bother for you to reach out with questions.

Adopting a kitten from Southwest Rags comes with certain guarantees.

  The full process is explained in the documents provided below.  

All kittens come with a care package (to see what you would be getting click on the link above). 

The price is higher for any kittens that are used for breeding (contact breeder for pricing and

more info). All kittens come with a 15-month health guarantee, age-appropriate. 

vaccinations, and are dewormed. 

      **To be placed on the waiting list a $50 deposit can be paid to hold a position to pick a kitten (getting in line)


**Then a $500 deposit (non-refundable/can be transferred) will be added once you have

decided on a particular kitten. Once you have decided on a kitten you have 48 hours

to put down a deposit. If we have not received payment or had contact with you in that time

the kitten will become available to another buyer.  If a buyer changes their mind about a specific

kitten and wants to choose another available kitten, that is an option.  If an unexpected issue

arises making adoption impossible or difficult, we try to be reasonable (adoption of a kitten

from a subsequent litter is an option).  However, if no kitten is purchased within a year, then

some or all of the deposit may be kept by Southwest Rags.

** FULL Final Payment is due before (if by check) or at pickup with Venmo/PayPal, or cash

** With PayPal/Venmo payments unlike cash or check, there is a 4% processing fee



** It is important to communicate by phone if you have an intense desire for a specific kitten** 



Breeder Guarantee & Adoption Contract

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