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Cat Carrier

We will be sending your baby home in a durable cat carrier or cat backpack (depending on what we have in stock) . We will also provide a different carrier for anyone who has to be picked up at an airport since they have particular regulations.


We send home a blanket with each baby that smells like mom and siblings. This will be helpful in the adjustment phase.


Brushing your Ragdoll is an important part of care and bonding. We like to brush our cat several times a week and the brush we are giving  you works great for getting deep into their coat.


We will be sending you home with a few of their favorite small toys. Keeping your kitten stimulated is key to their happiness.

Food bowl and some wet food

We don't feed a totally wet food diet, but we do encourage a primarily wet food diet. This can be fed twice to three times daily with dry food in small amounts (free fed).

Supplement Mix 

We are sending home a mix that will keep your kittens immune system strong. You will sprinkle a full scoop of it on food once a day. You can put it on wet or dry food. If you want to continue use of this product  once you are out, we do sell it!

Binder and Tote bag

You will receive a binder full of your kittens information and other things that you might fine helpful along the way. You also get a cute tote bag with our logo.

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