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Kings & Queens

Syrus, a King who came to us from

Rolling Creek Ragdolls of PA.

He is a chocolate bicolor lynx mink.

Syrus has the perfect puppy like personality. 


Leo, our younger King came to us from Cant Rip Ragdoll

of Grand Junction, CO.

He is a traditional seal point and is

very easy going.

Sugar, a Queen that came to us from Cant Rip Ragdoll

of Grand Junction, CO.

She is a chocolate mitted mink and

is a real lover girl. 

Evie, who was born in our cattery is 

expected to breed fall of 2023

She is a blue point mink and has the 

softest coat.

Delilah, was born in our cattery

and is still pretty young. She will be

expected to breed spring 2024

She is a traditional blue lynx mitted 

and is curious and playful.


Dalaney, was born in our cattery and

 is Delilah's sister (from the same litter).

She is a traditional seal lynx bicolor, 

and is the most laid-back kitten we

have ever had.


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Durango, CO  81303

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(the best way to reach us)

(970) 903-2249 (Maura)

(317) 509-2000 (Eileen)


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